All profiles, skirtings and scotias are an exact colour match to the flooring you select. Profiles that come into contact with feet are made from moisture resistant high density fibre board wrapped in AC3 grade high pressure laminate. Skirtings and scotias are wrapped with a hardwearing melamine impregnated foil.

Transition Profiles

Used between floors of similar levels e.g. in doorways to allow for an expansion joint going from one room to another.

Reducer Profiles

Use to reduce the height of laminate flooring down to the sub-floor e.g. ceramic tiles, carpets etc

Stair Profiles

Used to finish off stairs. Always ensure that these profiles are firmly attached to the stair base e.g. concrete.


An exact colour-match skirting finishes off your floor beautifully.

Quarter Round

An alternative to skirting, mainly used to finish off the floor around built-in cupboards.

Border Profiles

Also known as End profiles. Can be used to finish floor edges instead of skirting's. Also recommended as finishing at sliding doors and under built in cupboards.