We also offer multipurpose PVC floor tiles, also known as rubber mats, to be aesthetically luxurious and durable.

We have two main flooring lines. The first is the medallion mats developed for garages, offices, factories, showroom flooring, workshops, crèches etc. The other very popular mat is our versatile mats, also known in the market as rubber mats with holes, to be used in showers, camping, bakkies, showroom floor, pool areas or other areas were slippery floors are a problem.

Our tiles are manufactured of durable PVC and our medallion tile is 500mm X 500mm and is 5.2mm thick. The finish on the products are designed to provide a non slip surface but still looks luxurious and feels soft under the feet. The smaller tile is easy to install and generates less wastage than the larger rubber mats.

These mats are manufactured in two standard colours, black and grey however they can be manufactured in any colour you require - terms & conditions apply.

The mats can be installed on any floor surface which is preferably flat and smooth (see technical information below).

All our mats are resistant to most chemicals and are very durable.


Technical information
The 25mm medallion studs protrude 0,75mm from the tile surface and provides a absolute safe area to walk on. This contributes to a non slip surface, durable and gives a luxurious finish to the tile.

Medallion 500mm x 500mm x 5.2mm
This mat has been developed to provide a specific surface that is finishes well. The mat is 500mm x 500mm and is 5.2mm thick. It is also made out of durable Plastic and is suitable for internal use. See specification description. Although the tile is sold as a 500mm x 500mm tile, the tile shrinks by about 3% after it cools off. This is why we recommend that you add a 5% to your quantities for wastage and tile variance.

The mat weighs 5.6kg per/m2

Quick installation
The interlocking system on all our mats are easy to install and designed to do it yourself. Click here to download the installation guide.

Easy to wash
The floor is easily cleaned with any house hold applicant or heavy duty cleaning equipment for larger areas.

About our interlocking mats
All the above mats are interlocking and the different types interlock by type. The installation is very easy and could be done by any man or woman who has slight mechanical sense.

Special notice:

Grey Interlocking Tiles
Please note that all GREY tiles would need a 15 working day manufacturing period.

Installation Guide


Please feel free to contact us for further information or to place your order.